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Hangzhou Exhibition

Hangzhou Exhibition

Today is 2021.10.14, which is the last day of our participation in the Hangzhou exhibition. In these three days, we have welcomed many customers, introduced our products and our company to them, and let them know us better.

Our main products are lift chair, recliner chair, home theater sofa, etc. In addition, we can also customize any products that customers want.

Although we only showed four chairs at the exhibition, if you want other models with other functions, you are also welcome to come to our factory. Our factory is located in Anji, Zhejiang, which is only one hour away from Hangzhou. We are very welcome! And we moved to the new factory in August, the area of ​​the new factory is 12000 square meters, the production capacity and storage space are greatly improved, 120-150 containers can be produced every month!
Production capacity and area are four times the previous, and our factory management and quality control will be more and more standardized. Now we can support you better and faster :) )



Post time: Oct-15-2021